Reduce Errors, Waste and Labor

by Providing a Practical Math Foundation

Many questions arise in maintenance situations that require practical math to solve:

  1. How long should a pipe, wire, or board be?Two 3D Puppets Installing A Question Mark
  2. What is the size or weight of an object?
  3. How much area?
  4. What is the volume?
  5. How heavy is it?
  6. What angle should it be?
  7. How many widgets do we need to order?
  8. How much can I safely load?
  9. How can I easily and quickly do the calculations with a calculator, and then check my work?
  10. How can I easily deal with fractions?

These are questions your staff are faced with daily.  If answered incorrectly, it costs your company time and money.

Save time and money by figuring out the correct answers the first time!

By providing a Practical Math Foundation, you can rest assured the questions will be answered correctly, eliminating wasted time and materials.

Dr. Del’s Practical Math Foundation will give your staff the knowledge they need.

Master the scientific calculator to solve practical math problems in Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry in 50 hours or less.

Dr. Del’s Practical Math Foundation includes:

  • Pre-tests allow the employee to “test out” of information they already know
  • Online videos explaining the math step-by-step
  • Notes/Exercise Book to enhance the learning experience
  • Post-tests to quantify the learning experience
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Unlimited review after course completion – 24/7 reference provides a Just-In-Time “Job Aid”

For Management, a robust Learning Management System measures progress and ensures results through sophisticated assignment, tracking and reporting is included at no additional charge.

You’ll see a tremendous return on you investment.  Guaranteed results!